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Innovative Designs

Our designers and engineers  work very closely to design and build machines that are the fastest and most reliable in the plastics industry. Our many years of experience enable us to take an innovative approach to machine design ensuring you get the best machine possible.

Low Maintenance

We understand that machine up-time is one of the most  important aspects of any manufacturing environment, so we design all of our machines to require the least amount of maintenance as possible. Less time maintaining our machines  means more production time. 

Reliable Performance

All of our machines are designed to operate around the clock, so each component we use to build our machines is put through a rigorous testing program to ensure it's reliability. Using only the highest quality parts ensures our machines are the most reliable in the plastics industry.

Increased Output

By incorporating the latest plastic manufacturing technology with our leading edge electrical and mechanical designs, we are constantly pushing the output levels of our machines to ensure our machines are continuously some of the highest output machines available today.

Some of our Capabilities

PVC Downstream Equipment

Vision Automation is a leading manufacturer of PVC downstream equipment. Our machines are used to manufacture a variety of plastic profiles including windows, doors, and other custom products.

Vision Automation double line downstream equipment


We offer a full line of co-extruders with diameters ranging from 22mm (7/8") through to 70mm (2-3/4").  Our co-extruders are capable of extruding all types of thermoplastic materials using standard pellets.

Vision Automation Co-Extruders

PVC Siding Downstream Equipment

We also manufacture reliable PVC Siding downstream extrusion equipment that is custom designed to meet the customer's exact specifications and is backed by our professional service team.

Vision Automation PVC Siding Downstream Equipment

Custom Machinery

We've been in the plastics industry for a long time, so no matter what type of custom machine you might require, we have the staff and experience to provide you with the exact machine you're looking for.

Custom Palstic Machines by Vision Automation

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