Co-Extruder Machines

co-extruder by Vision Automation


  • Steel Base on Casters with Stop Brake
  • Swivel Mounting Column with Manual Height Adjustment
  • Co-extruder Body with Manual Angular Adjustment
  • Command Panel with HMI on Swivel Arm


Extruder SizeScrew DiameterScrew Length L/DN. of Heating ZonesHeating PowerType of CoolingTotal Installed Power
003-05022mm - 7/8"25.934500Wair7.56 KW
003-10030mm - 1 3/16"19.434500Wair7.56 KW
003-20042mm - 1 5/6"21.948500Wair16.26 KW
003-30045.5mm - 1 3/4"20.748500Wair16.26 KW
003-50051mm - 2"20.549800Wair28.56 KW
003-80070mm - 2 2/4"25.7413600Wair44.32 KW