Design & Engineering

Vision Automation offers a complete product development service.

We design and build machines for the plastic industry. Custom applications are the main focus of our engineering team. With quality-driven design methodology, we provide our customers with complete documentation for new machines and machine accessories to integrate and improve their processes.

3D models and simulations are submitted for approval to precisely address the design objectives and make the customer aware of the final details of the design.

Vision Automation offers full design and engineering service

Maintenance & Service

We offer a wide variety of maintenance and repair services that are designed to keep your equipment running at peak performance when you need it most. Our maintenance and repair program is supported by our expert service technicians, including millwrights, electricians and programmers.

We can competently service and repair your machinery. Our expert engineers and technicians will rebuild your equipment to meet your special requirements. Our metal fabrication and machine shop can accommodate any job, large or small.

Vision Automation offers a full maintenance and repair service

Spare Parts

A spare parts inventory is vital to your production operation because it can reduce production outages when parts are available in your place. It is one of the keys to maximizing asset performance.

Vision Automation can supply all of the critical components for your spare parts inventory, in the event of accidental brake-downs all machine components are in-house made for a short term availability.

All commercial components are recognized brand names, easy to trace directly by the customer or through our spare parts program.

Vision Automation offers a full line of spare parts

Need Reliable Design, Service or Repairs?

If you're looking for a reliable design or repair service for your machines, let's get things started.