PVC Downstream Equipment

All Vision Automation downstream equipment is designed for the extrusion of PVC profiles for plastic doors, windows, decorating profiles, fencing, housing profile, plastic composite profiles, etc. We provide a full variety of profile extrusion downstream lines to optimize efficiency and produce higher-quality products. Our downstream equipment is compatible with many different combinations of machinery which are adapted to the customer application. A good machine combination will reduce waste of raw material and increases the productivity levels of plastics processes.

Our Downstream line consists of: extrusion die carriage, vacuum calibration/cooling table, puller/fly saw unit and dump table.

As per customer’s requests, our downstream equipment can be equipped with a printer, coding machine and other custom options.

All the components used to build our machines are high-quality, reliable brand products.

Vision Automation PVC Downstream Equipment

Dual Downstream Equipment

Our dual downstream equipment enables you to double your output with very little increase in floor space. You can choose to run two identical profiles at the same time, or you can configure each line independently, enabling the production of two completely unique products simultaneously. 

Our Dual Downstream line consists of: dual extrusion die carriages, dual vacuum calibration / cooling tables, pullers / fly saw units and dump tables.

As per customer’s requests, our dual line equipment can also be equipped with printers, coding machines and other options.

All the components used to build our machines are high quality reliable brand products.

Vision Automation double line downstream equipment

PVC Siding & Downstream Equipment

Our siding downstream equipment is capable of making siding profile extrusion up to 90m/min. (300 ft/min) for sheets of Max. width 20” and profile of Max. width 11”

Our Siding downstream line consists of: double roll embossing machine; cooling section complete with profile formers made to customers specs, cooling tank and profile drying chamber; haul off; scrap cutter; nail-hole & drain hole punching machine; cut-off machine and run-out table.

As per customer’s requests, line can be equipped with printer, coding machine and other options.

All the components used to build our machines are high quality reliable brand products.

Vision Automation PVC Siding Downstream Equipment


We offer a wide range of co-extruders for standard extrusion. This range of machines is mainly used for industrial-level productions of:

  • extrusion and co-extrusion of tubes
  • co-extrusion of flex gaskets
  • co-extrusion of coloured stripes on tubes, cables and profiles
  • co-extrusion of cap-stock over vinyl substrate

Our machines are able to extrude all type of thermoplastic materials in pellets normally used in the plastic industry.

All the components used to build our machines are high quality reliable brand products.

Vision Automation Co-Extruders

Automotive Machinery

We design and build custom machines for the automotive extrusion industry.

Our team are well versed in all types of automotive extrusion manufacturing processes. We offer a number of machines suited for automotive applications, including pullers, cutters, spray systems and extrusion gear pumps .

We are able to provide prototype machines and also demonstrate the machine operation, machine performance, productivity and cycle times before building.

Vision Automation cutter for automotive extrusions

Custom Machinery

We also design and build custom machinery for the plastic industry.

Our team of design engineers and technicians are extremely experienced in the plastics processing industry, as well as other areas of plastics manufacturing. We are therefore able to design and manufacture custom machinery for a wide variety of applications.

Prior to starting fabrication, we prepare virtual prototypes and simulate machine operation, sampling etc. to verify machine performance, productivity, cycle time etc.

This process is designed to ensure you get a machine that performs to your expectations.

Vision Automation Custom Machinery

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